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COPRO asbl/vzw, impartial body for the Inspection of construction products


Building site-oriented inspection

Clients expect major efforts from all their partners concerning quality, especially on large building sites. Design, specifications, quality plans, materials used, production and the like are all important parameters that contribute to a quality end product. COPRO specializes particularly in the quality and conformity of the supplied products by providing inspection and certification for these products.

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Standards and regulations

Stimulating quality for construction products can be realized if the conception of quality has been preliminarily defined. 
All fields concerned can participate to the creation of the concept of quality by putting forward propositions. These result into a series of documents:

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CE Marking

Construction products are subject to the rules of free movement of goods inside the European Union. Directive 89/106/EEC applied to the trading of such products up to 30 June 2013. The new Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 has applied fully since 1 July 2013.
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COPRO realizes inspections on its own behalf and on behalf of other organisms of certification. Controls are organized on basis of regulations (TRA) proper to the products. On basis of these regulations, inspectors can objectively and neutrally decide about the quality of the product. Then, control reports are appreciated by the organism of control. Controls are realized for Belgian and foreign brands of conformity.
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Certification is based on continuous industrial auto-controls realized by the producer of the certificated product. Auto-control is to be applied to raw material, over every steps of the production process, to the final product. Licensed producers are periodically submitted to evaluation from the organism of control. Evaluation goes hand in hand with sampling. Samples are sent to authorized labs to be tested. The results of the lab control tests have to validate the results of the auto-controls.
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Batch inspection

COPRO organizes batch inspections for :

  • prefabricated concrete products, subcontracting PROBETON
  • diverse construction products, on demand of users and producers

Batch controls are realized for products which are not certificated or for which the producer does not have any certificate. Batch controls are always based on:

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Latest news

COPRO welcomes new chairman


At the latest meeting on 12/09/2014, the Board of Directors at COPRO selected Filip Boelaert (Ing.), Secretary General at MOW, as its new chairman.