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COPRO / Impartial body for the inspection for products



Through certification the impartial institutions confirm their confidence and trust in the quality of particular products. Compliance with specific requirements is monitored by means of self-monitoring on the part of the manufacturers along with periodic external monitoring by the certifying body. The user can recognise a certified product by the hallmark on the product and/or delivery documents. In addition to this, a description of the certified product can be found in the technical datasheet. COPRO is the certifying body for the COPRO, BENOR and ATG quality hallmarks as well as for a wide range of construction products.
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COPRO carries out inspections on its own behalf and for other certification bodies. The inspections are based on implementation regulations specific to each product. Based on the appropriate regulation, the inspector can form as objective and neutral an opinion as possible regarding the quality of the product. The inspection reports are then evaluated by the inspection body.
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CE Marking

Construction products are subject to the rules governing the free movement of goods within the European Union. Products which comply with this are granted a CE hallmark and the associated declaration of performance. The CE hallmark certifies the conformity of the construction products to the building regulations concerning health and safety in the EU Member State where the product is put on the market. COPRO is accredited by Europe for CE marking as notified body no. 1137.
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Receipt in batches

If certification is not possible or is not desired for a particular product, then quality assurance can be confirmed through batch testing. In this case the inspector specifies the production section and checks whether it complies with predefined requirements. The user can recognise the tested batch by its double stamp and accompanying certificate. COPRO carries out batch testing for a variety of construction products.
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Enhanced production control

When a building developer wants to have more confidence and trust in the quality of products on a specific site, he can turn to COPRO for enhanced production control and certification. A number of additional checks and controls will then be carried out at the production location and in consultation with the building developer. Compliance with any special specifications will be monitored and the findings communicated to the building developer.
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Standards and regulations

Promoting the quality of construction products can only be achieved when there is a framework in place which includes a description of product quality. All the stakeholders must be able to have their say regarding the interpretation of the framework, resulting in a series of documents setting standards, including the technical requirements of a product, along with regulations covering the procedures for monitoring the product. COPRO organises and/or participates in 120 working groups concerned with the drawing up of standards and regulations.
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Latest news

COPRO welcomes new chairman


At the latest meeting on 12/09/2014, the Board of Directors at COPRO selected Filip Boelaert (Ing.), Secretary General at MOW, as its new chairman.