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Baillonville - road trial 2019

Published on 24/05/2019
Baillonville 2019

Compliance checks are being performed on road marking materials used in Belgium. These checks are being carried out by COPRO and the skilful services of the SPW (Wallonia Public Services).

These compliance checks include the day- and night-time visibility, skid resistance and the durability of road marking assemblies*.

To do this, a road trial site (in accordance with standard NBN EN 1824) was set up on a motorway, the N63, between Marche-en-Famenne and Liege in Baillonville.

As in previous years, a campaign to ratify these assemblies is taking place with the assistance of officials from AWV (Agency for Roads and Traffic). On 23 May 2019, six manufacturers applied assemblies. The first performance measurements will be performed within two weeks.

At the initiative of SOFICO (The Walloon Institution for Additional Infrastructure Funding), the television channel, RTL came and did a report on the story which can be found HERE.

*Road marking assembly: Base road marking material together with the precise application instructions including the identification of the manufacturer, dosages, types and proportions of drop-on materials and/or premix glass beads needed to build up the applied road markings.