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STA Person of the year

Published on 05/12/2018
STA Personality of the year 2018

On 27 November 2018, STA (Smart Transport Alliance) held its annual international conference where transport and mobility experts exchange insights and developments. On this occasion the annual “Innovation Awards” were presented. Dr. Aniceto Zaragoza, General Director of the Spanish Cement Federation, and Dirk Van Loo, CEO of COPRO, received the “Person of the Year” award.   The STA Management Committee praised COPRO’s contribution to qualitatively better and ‘smart’ infrastructure projects, thanks to the management of BENOR certification for construction products. COPRO organises certification under the COPRO and BENOR brands for a range of products such as asphalt, bitumen, road concrete, barriers, road marking products, etc. The BENOR and COPRO brands are voluntary quality brands that give the user confidence in the quality of a product. In his acceptance speech, Dirk Van Loo dedicated the award to the COPRO personnel who, through their passion for quality, contribute daily to qualitatively better and safer infrastructure projects.