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ETA European Technical Assessment



With a European technical assessment (ETA) and, if necessary a CE-certificate, the manufacturer can draw up a declaration of performance (the "DoP") for his product and affix the CE marking.




It is an alternative route for manufacturers to obtain the right to draw up and make available a declaration of performance, permitting the manufacturer to affix the CE marking on to his product. If CE marked, the product may circulate in the European Union internal market. In short, the European Technical Assessment provides access to the European market.


Applying for a European Technical Assessment, ETA, is only possible if the product is not (yet) covered by a European harmonised standard. European Technical Assessments, ETA, cover products that deviate from the scope of European harmonised standards.


The requirements are included in an existing or to be drawn up European assessment document (EAD).


To a large extend, the processes that lead to the issuing of a European Technical Assessment have been specified in Regulation (EU) N° 305/2011 and complementary EOTA documents.

The European Technical Assessment process comprises three main steps:

  • Submission of an application, examination of the admissibility and confirmation of the admissibility, which also covers the quotation
  • The technical examination and the European Technical Assessment circulation process
  • Publication and assessment and verification of the constancy of performance (AVCP)

Once a European Technical Assessment has been issued, the manufacturer needs to demonstrate conformity of the products placed on the market with the ETA. How this needs to be done, depends on the conformity assessment system that applies for the product. This may be self-assessment, but may also be certification by a notified body.


With an ETA and, if necessary, a CE certificate, the manufacturer can draw up a declaration of performance (the "DoP") for his product and affix the CE marking.


Applying for an ETA is a voluntary initiative taken by the applicant. There is no legal requirement that requires products to be covered by a European Technical Assessment, ETA.


If a manufacturer wishes to market his product in one or several European Union member states, obtaining a European Technical Assessment, ETA, may be sensible. Having an ETA for his product permits him to draw up a declaration of performance (the ‘DoP’) and CE mark his product.

Role of COPRO

COPRO has been designated by the UBAtc as an approval operator for the preparation of EADs and ETAs for various technical domains in construction.


Further information about ETA can be found on the website of the UBAtc. The formal application is submitted directly to the UBAtc.