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Flexible scope for COPRO: Faster and more flexible services

COPRO has been accredited as a certification body according to EN ISO/IEC 17065 since 1999. This means that COPRO carries out the product and execution certification as well as the certification of CE marking under accreditation. Accreditation is the formal declaration of the technical competence and integrity of a body for a specific product (group) or execution, linked to the associated certification documents such as regulations and normative documents.

In Belgium, BELAC is the body that manages these accreditations.

Such an accreditation includes a ‘fixed’ accreditation scope. This document gives an overview of all products and executions that COPRO carries out under accreditation, in accordance with the regulations and normative documents listed herein. Extensions of products or executions, changes to normative documents, ... always require the intervention of BELAC, which means that the accreditation is not always up to date.

To enable accredited institutions to respond quickly to customer questions, to new developments on the market and to respond to urgent situations, accreditation can have a flexible scope.

A flexible scope is comprised of well-defined groups of activities instead of individual activities. The advantage of the flexible scope is that it allows you to add products or executions yourself or to make changes to certification documents within the defined groups of activities, without the prior approval of BELAC.

We are pleased to announce that since November 2021, COPRO has been approved by BELAC to work with a flexible scope. Strict conditions are attached to the use of this flexible scope, which are checked in detail during a BELAC audit.

The groups of activities and the associated products and executions that fall under the flexible scope can be consulted here.

For any questions, feel free to contact our Quality Manager, Renée Declerck.