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General Assembly

COPRO is an impartial organism and a non-profit-making organization. 

The General Assembly is the “upper representative“ of COPRO. It consists of effective members and joining members. 

The “effective” members are legal personae that belong to one of the two founder groups. 

The public institutions, that is the representatives of the Flemish and Brussels-Capital Regions, represent 50 % of the votes. They choose the president of the General Assembly.

The building contractors represent 50 % of the votes as well. They choose the vice-president of the General Assembly. At the present time, this group is formed by:

  •   la FBEV- de BFAW (The Belgian federation of building contractors for road works),
  •   the provincial divisions of 
    •  VlaWeBo (Flemish federation of building contractors for road works),
    •  FWEV (Walloon federation of building contractors for road works),
  •   de Bouwunie-infrastructuur (Flemish Union of SME-Construction).

Other legal personae can become joining members of COPRO on proposition of the General Assembly, however without getting the right to vote. 

Effective Members
Public Institutions
Flemish Region Mr. Filip Boelaert -  President Ms. Eva Van den Bossche Mr. Pieter De Winne
Brussels-Capital Region Ms. Ilse Wuyts Mr. Mohamed Aarab
Building contractors
FBEV - BFAW - Brussels Mr. Yvo Derdaele - Vice-president
FBEV - BFAW Mr. Bernard Cornez 
VlaWeBo - Antwerpen Mr. Yves Ulens
VlaWeBo - Limburg Mr. Erik Keijers - will be replaced by Leo Jansen in 2021
VlaWeBo - Oost-Vlaanderen Mr. Tom Willemen
VlaWeBo - Vlaams Brabant Mr. Frank Coppens
VlaWeBo - West-Vlaanderen Ms. Ingrid De Vriese
FWEV - Brabant wallon Mr. William Haulotte
FWEV - Hainaut Mr. Lieven Volders
FWEV - Liège Mr. Etienne Jardinet
FWEV - Luxembourg Mr. Pol Hanoul
FWEV - Namur Mr. Jean-Jacques Nonet
Bouwunie Infrastructuurwerken Mr. Jerome Vanroye
Joining members
Nevul Mr. Patrick Ammerlaan
GMA - Geo Measuring & Analysis Ms. Géraldine Welvaert
Laborex groep Mr. Serge Vermeren
Aquafin Mr. Dirk De Waele