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Elastomeric seals – New product norms benorised

Published on 03/10/2014

Elastomeric seals can be benorised using various product norms, namely:

  • NBN EN 681-1: Vulcanized rubber
  • NBN EN 681-2: Thermoplastic elastomers
  • NBN EN 681-3: Vulcanized foam rubber
  • NBN EN 681-4: Cast polyurethane seal rings
  • NBN EN 682: Compound seals in pipes and accessories for gas and liquid hydrocarbons
  • PTV 832: Elastomer bearings for cast iron covers

NBN EN 681-2 and NBN EN 682:  Only products in accordance with NBN EN 681-1 where benorised at the start of 2014. But as of now, BENOR products which comply with norms NBN EN 681-2 and NBN EN 682 are also available. Trelleborg Pipe Seals Lelystad has taken the necessary measures to demonstrate that 2 products comply with the above mentioned norms and have been manufactured in accordance with the strict BENOR quality requirements. The technical data sheets accompanying both products have been certified on the COPRO extranet ( technical data sheet0450/0080 en 0450/0081. We hope that other manufacturers will follow very soon so ALL elastomeric seals used in the sewerage sector will finally become BENOR certified.PTV 832:  Upon request from the sewerage sector, COPRO collaborated with various advisory bodies to formulate requirements for implementing elastomeric bearings on cast iron covers. This resulted in PTV 832. Naturally, appropriate certification rules for benorising such products were also drawn up at the same time.  At this moment in time, various manufacturers are actually benorising these products. 1 manufacturer, namely Spain-based Algaher, has already benorised such products for the Belgian market. Please refer to data sheet 0425/0001 on the COPRO extranet (  The products of Algaher are distributed by a company called P. Boonen & Co in Niel. These products are explicitly used for cast iron manhole covers by Andenne-based company Fondatel – Lecomte.