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Enhanced production control

Published on 19/08/2019

What and where?

On Tuesday 09/04/2019, COPRO started enhanced production controls for asphalt mixtures delivered to the E17 and E34 motorways in East Flanders. The Belgian Agency for Roads and Traffic decided to introduce additional impartial controls for important sites. These controls supplement certification in the context of the COPRO quality mark. 8 km of new asphalt pavement will be laid on the E17 between Zwijnaarde and Destelbergen. A new asphalt sub-layer and top layer will be installed in the direction of both Ghent and Antwerp. What’s special about this is that both the top and sub layers are being laid with ‘green asphalt’ or Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA). WMA makes use of a foam technique that reduces CO2 emissions significantly compared to traditional asphalt mixtures. The exit to University Hospital Ghent in the direction of Antwerp is also being fully resurfaced. Along the E34 in Balgerhoeke, the bridge over the Leie diversion canal is also being renovated. This includes replacing the asphalt pavement on the bridge.


By fully coordinating the external oversight with a specific construction site and linking it to inspections by the client in this way, quality oversight can be increased considerably.

Such controls are applied to infrastructure projects such as highways and airports in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. In this way, COPRO, as an impartial inspection body, hopes to contribute to the quality, durability and safety of Belgian roads.