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Latest paper inspection report

Published on 10/10/2019

It’s nothing new that COPRO is fully committed to digitization.

COPRO resolutely boarded the digital train back in 2016. We started by digitizing some of our administrative tasks and documents, including our application forms.

At the end of 2017, a pilot project was launched in the bituminous and related products sector with regard to the digitization of COPRO inspection reports. All reports where COPRO acts as a certification body are now drawn up and sent electronically.

As COPRO also works as a subcontractor for other certification bodies in Belgium and the Netherlands, these organizations obviously cannot afford to lag behind and therefore also have to jump aboard the digital train.

From 01/11/2019, we will distribute all of our inspection reports digitally. This means our mobile printers will disappear forever!

In concrete terms, this means that all reports and attachments will be delivered via email in PDF format and no longer be printed and signed. The email sent serves as proof of delivery of the report by the inspector or auditor. The certificate holders or applicants have been contacted in order to collect these email addresses. This digital handling represents a deviation from the regulations. A list of these email addresses will then be drawn up for each file. This list will ultimately be used to send the inspection or audit report at the end of the inspection or audit.

The place where the signature was previously affixed is now replaced in the report and the accompanying email by a standard sentence stating that the producer has 5 working days to submit comments to the relevant certification body. The producer can no longer enter these in the box provided on the earlier hardcopy report. Digitization is not only a continuous process but also an important step in saving the rainforest, which is why COPRO is quietly saying goodbye to the paper age.