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General points

Certification is based on continuous internal monitoring and checking carried out by the manufacturer of the certified product. This self-monitoring procedure is implemented from the selection of the raw material, through all production stages, right up to the finished product.

Licence-holders are periodically subject to appraisal by an inspection body. This appraisal is accompanied by the collection of samples for testing in recognised laboratories. The results of the inspection tests are used to confirm the results of the self-monitoring process of the certified companies.

Manufacturers must always comply with a number of regulations related to the delivery of their certified products: identification of the product on the delivery note and, if necessary, identification on the product itself. For more information on the identification or recognisable character of the possible certification of a given product, we advise you to consult the COPRO website or contact COPRO directly.

The manufacturer is required to provide a copy of a document on request, containing all certification results and a description of the product together with specific delivery notes.

COPRO is a certification body for COPRO, BENOR and ATG quality marks for a whole range of products.
Product details can be found within our website.

The BENOR quality mark

The BENOR mark is a voluntary quality mark.

Logo BenorThe BENOR mark is a voluntary quality mark. It gives the user extra confidence in the compliance of a product, process or service with the specifications in force.
This is a quality mark because it guarantees that the certified product, process or service meets well-defined quality requirements.
It is voluntary because it is supported by the market rather than being imposed by law. The parties agree voluntarily to apply the BENOR mark in their contract.

The non-profit organisation (asbl) BENOR assigns the management and control of the BENOR mark to sector-based bodies such as COPRO.

COPRO has been appointed the sector-based body for the BENOR certification in a range of construction products for the road network, together with the infrastructure sector:

  • Mastic asphalt
  • Road concrete
  • Bitumen for road construction
  • Geotextiles
  • Road restraint systems
  • Recycled aggregate
  • Asphalt fillers
  • Rubber seals
  • Hydraulically bound mixtures
  • Natural stone for road construction
  • Road marking products
  • Cast iron products
  • Cast iron pipes

The BENOR mark enables the user to have confidence in the conformity of the product, process or service.

BENOR certification guarantees that effective monitoring is carried out by a third party in all cases. This monitoring concerns examining the measures taken by suppliers with a licence to use the BENOR mark, implemented within the framework of their self-monitoring process to guarantee compliance.

More information:

The BENOR mark relies on the certification of products

The licence for the use of the BENOR mark for a construction product relies on the certification of the product. The certification means that the manufacturer, as licence-holder of the BENOR mark, guarantees the permanent compliance of their product with the given standard, on the basis of an industrial self-monitoring process (i.e. the internal monitoring of production), and that the certifying body, as an independent third party, confirms on the basis of a regular external inspection, that it has an adequate degree of confidence in the manufacturer and that the declaration of compliance received is justified.

The award of a licence for the use of the BENOR mark is based on an implementation regulation (TRA).

This type of regulation is developed by a sector-based committee, and its implementation is monitored by qualified inspectors.

The awarding of the BENOR mark is accompanied by a BENOR certificate which contains all important information regarding the licence-holder and the certified product.

The actual delivery of a construction product under the BENOR mark can be confirmed by:

  • the BENOR identification (the BENOR logo) on
    • the product itself,
    • the packed quantity or
    • the delivery documents attached to the product;
  • the BENOR certificate and any other BENOR documents that may be mentioned on the certificate.

The COPRO quality mark

Copro logoThe COPRO quality mark relies entirely on the same principles and approaches, and on the same monitoring as the BENOR quality mark. For the COPRO mark, COPRO always acts as the certifying body. The certified products are mainly intended for road construction and the infrastructure sector. The COPRO mark makes it possible to respond quickly to market demands for a desired quality hallmark.

COPRO organises the certification and inspection of the following construction materials:

  • Asphalt mixtures
  • Emulsions
  • Fluxed bitumen
  • PMB (polymer-modified bitumen)
  • Fibres
  • Asphalt aggregate
  • Technically improved soils
  • Physically and chemically washed aggregate
  • Hydraulically bound mixtures
  • Sealing products
  • Grass tiles/plastic gravel
  • Gabions
  • Reinforcing mesh for asphalt
  • Crystallisation products for concrete

ATG technical approval

Logo ATGThe voluntary ATG technical approval provides technical advice for the technical description and characteristics of the product.
An ATG is an appraisal of a clearly defined aspect of the given product of a manufacturer. It must enable the user to check the conformity of the products delivered on site with existing approvals. ATGs are issued for products with no product standards. This therefore mainly concerns systems, innovations and products that contain several components.
An ATG is, in principle, issued on the basis of an approval notice. This notice is drawn up by experts from the Belgian Union for Technical Approval (UBAtc) and forms a basic judgement for construction products

This usually results in certification.
BUtgb UBatc logo
COPRO is mandated by the UBAtc to carry out an external inspection with a specified frequency, to assess the conformity of products to a corresponding approval notice.

More information:

Application for certification

If you are a supplier or manufacturer who wishes to obtain a certificate, please contact COPRO

COPRO informs the applicant in writing of the principles of certification and sends, among other things, the following documents:

  • a copy of the applicable regulations;
  • a list of the applicable reference documents;
  • a copy, in duplicate, of a standard application form.