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COPRO EXTRANET is an interactive website on which all the technical data sheets for all products certified by COPRO can be found. The holder of a certificate (producer or supplier) places its sheets there. COPRO checks and validates them. The project owner consults the sheets and checks the validity.

A project owner wants high quality products on his site. Numerous specifications and project owners specify that these products must be subject to prior controls. In other words, the products must be certified. To find out whether a product is certified, the project owner has to request an authenticated technical data sheet from his contractor. This will provide the project owner with the information needed to decide whether the product can be used on his site.

In practice, however, there are certain obstacles that make it difficult to consult these sheets:

  1. The sheets take a long time to be produced and are sometimes issued after completion of work.
  2. The sheets are different for almost every product. That makes the checks difficult for the project owner. Furthermore, you never know what information is genuinely important.
  3. Instead of authenticated sheets, commercial sheets without authentication by the certification body are sent to the project owner.
  4. After the suspension or cancellation of the certification, a certificate holder still has a valid technical data sheet. He can therefore deliver products on site without any inspections being carried out by the certification body.
  5. There is sometimes no clear link between the technical data sheet, the product actually delivered to the site and the delivery note.
  6. A technical data sheet usually provides little additional information for the customer, for example about what must still be checked by the customer himself or what other products the product delivered is compatible with.

To resolve all these problems, COPRO has developed COPRO EXTRANET.

COPRO EXTRANET is free and is accessible to all via the COPRO website:, and then clicking on “EXTRANET technical data sheets”. Alternatively, you can surf via

Before the sheets can be consulted, they are checked and validated by the COPRO manager.

The sheets are divided into different sections. Each section contains a certain amount of important information for project owners, project managers, site supervisors, etc. Given that not all the information is relevant to everyone, it is easy for them to pick out what is important for them individually. Every data sheet for every product certified by COPRO now has the same presentation. This makes it possible for the project owner to tell the difference between the data sheet and a commercial sheet at a glance.

With this tool, COPRO aims to simplify all the steps required for the communication and control of products and technical data sheets.

COPRO will continue to invest in COPRO EXTRANET to provide all parties concerned with an effective tool.

Download the COPRO EXTRANET brochure Brochure


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