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Inspections are carried out by inspectors from an inspection body - commissioned by a certification body - at a supplier, a producer, a contractor or on site. The nature of the certification determines at which location and with which batch (supplier, producer, contractor) the inspections are carried out.

Thus inspections take place in the context of product certification, usually at the producer or supplier that applied for the certificate, but they can also take place at a client or on site.

In the context of implementation certification, the inspections usually take place on site.


Inspections follow strictly defined procedures.

The main lines of these procedures are determined by the ISO/IEC 17020 standard (“requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection”) and are included in a General Certification Regulations. The content and frequency of the inspections are described in greater detail in an Application Regulation (during product certification) or in a Special Certification Regulation (during implementation certification).

Various issues can be dealt with during an inspection, first and foremost examining the self-monitoring performed by the certificate holder itself. In addition, samples can be taken for testing in external accredited inspection laboratories, or the certificate holder can perform certain tests under the supervision of the inspector working for the inspection body.

The inspector will make objective findings based on the established working method. His inspection report is then assessed by the certification body.


COPRO is active as an inspection body in the construction sector and has BELAC accreditation according to the ISO/IEC 17020 standard. COPRO is accredited by BELAC under certificate number 107 INSP.

A team of more than 30 inspectors perform more than 4000 inspections each year for COPRO and other certification bodies, not only in Belgium but also far beyond, from Brazil to Belarus, from Dubai to China.

Inspections are carried out in the context of various Belgian and foreign quality marks.

Belgian quality marks:

COPRO quality mark COPRO.EXE quality mark BENOR quality mark ATG technical approval

Dutch quality marks:

In the context of exchange agreements, COPRO carries out inspections in Belgium for:

the Dutch KOMO quality mark, the Dutch Soil Quality Decree (BBK)


COPRO carries out inspections on a full range of products and finishes.

COPRO performs inspections for other certification bodies on:

  • prefabricated concrete products for infrastructure works (pipes, sewerage system elements, curbs, paving stones, etc.)
  • prefabricated concrete products for structural elements (masonry blocks, retaining wall elements, etc.)
  • ready-mixed concrete
  • aggregates
  • Armour stone


  • the holder of the certification marksCOPRO(.EXE) logo:
    • COPRO for building products
    • COPRO.EXE for execution
    • NTMB for ecological and technical-natural materials NTMB Zorgsysteem
  • accredited by BELAC as inspection body (nr. 107-INSP), as products certification body (nr. 107-PROD) and as certification body for quality systems (nr. 107-QMS), BELAC 107 INSP BELAC 107 PROD BELAC 107 INSP - more information :
  • notified by Europe for CE-marking as notified body nr. 1137Logo CE-marking - more information :
  • recognised by NBN as sector operatorLogo NBN - more information :
  • recognised by BENOR npo as sector bodyLogo Benor - more information :
  • VLAREL certified by OVAM for the sampling of building materials and asbestos in heaps VLAREL - more information :
  • recognised by BUtgb as mandated certification instituteBUtgb - more information:
  • recognised by SKAO as a certificate body for the system certification of the CO2 Performance Ladder - more info:     Logo CO2 Prestatieladder