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Receipt in batches

Receipt in batches


Receipt in batches is possible for all products for which there is no certification, or for any manufacturer that has no certification. This is always based on:

  • a standard,
  • a standard specification (e.g. SB250, Qualiroutes, CCT2011),
  • a specific specification,
  • a written agreement
    • between the manufacturer and the customer or
    • between the manufacturer and the inspection body

Receipt in batches always concerns a defined quantity of the controlled product.

The inspection is exclusive and is in principle assessed only on the basis of the finished product. A receipt in batches results in a single certification.

The certification mentions

  • the nature,
  • quantity and
  • appropriate identification of the batch inspected.

If a batch appears not to meet requirements, then a document containing the same references is issued, but with a clear statement that the products inspected are not compliant along with a list of the characteristics that are not satisfactory.

As a general rule, a batch is defined visually by a batch number and the inspector's identification.

The standard specification SB250 (Standaardbestek) for road projects contains a list of products (Chapter III: Materials, 0.2) for which receipt in batches must be carried out in the context of works on behalf of the Flemish public authorities.

In theory, all products described in chapter C of RW99 or CCT2000 may be subject to advance technical receipt. However, the official in charge usually accepts products with BENOR, ATG or COPRO certification or similar without any other formalities.

COPRO gives receipts in batches for :

  • a variety of construction products on behalf of the user or manufacturer
  • prefabricated concrete products as a subcontractor for PROBETON

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