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Standards and regulations

Standards and regulations


Encouraging the quality of construction products is only achievable if there is a framework within which the concept of quality is defined.
All parties concerned can play their part by giving this framework substance through contributing relevant documents :

  • standards, with the technical requirements specific to the product
  • regulations, with the procedures specific to the control of the product

COPRO is recognised by the Management Board of the NBN (Belgian National Standards Office) as the sector-based operator.

Sector-based operators provide the administrative management and technical monitoring of the standardisation committees. They constitute the crucial link between the experts working within the committees and the NBN. They also ensure that all the interested parties are involved in the standardisation process.

The sector-based operators have the necessary expertise within their sector and have close contacts with the business world. Using a network of experts, they disseminate all useful information on standardisation work in their given area.

Documents created in this way are of very high quality and reflect the interests of all parties concerned.

NBN logoCOPRO is recognised as a sector-based operator by the standardisation committee NBN E203 (technical committee CEN/TC203) for cast-iron pipes, joints and accessories and their assembly.

Another of COPRO's tasks is to organise and take part in approximately 120 working groups that form the basis for discussions and the production of these documents.

These working groups cover a wide range of products and activities and are active at different levels – local and European.

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