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What is MyCOPRO?

MyCOPRO is a new portal where all our digital applications are bundled. MyCOPRO is an extension of the existing Extranet and makes it easier to consult all our digital applications via one login screen. In this way, all information about your certification is clearly displayed.


COPRO has developed a number of digital applications in recent years, including COPRO EXTRANET and NUMBERS. These digital applications make it possible for users to manage technical documents in a fast and efficient way, and to pass on information for the inspections and tests carried out by COPRO.

  • The COPRO EXTRANET is an interactive platform where all technical datasheets of products certified by COPRO can be found. These technical datasheets were first entered by the certificate holder (producer or supplier) via a specific login name and password, and then checked and validated by COPRO. On the public portion of the COPRO EXTRANET (without login), the client can look up the technical datasheets and verify their validity.
  • The NUMBERS application handles the exchange of data between certificate holders and COPRO. Currently this application is used to pass on declarations of production, delivery, acceptance and stock.

The various applications are now all accessible via the same clear MyCOPRO dashboard.


Each known user has a personal login name with which he/she can log in at or via the MyCOPRO button in the navigation bar at the top of our website.

After logging in, you as user will be redirected to a personal MyCOPRO page. This is a dashboard page where you’ll obtain an overview of all the certificates and applications that you have access to. In addition, each user also sees an overview of all notifications that may or may not require action. Moreover, personal data can be updated here, and it is clear for each dossier who the contact person at COPRO is.

Within the various applications, the necessary documents can then be managed and the information passed on.

New applications will be added to the dashboard page in the future.

Don’t have an account yet? Click here and follow the steps to register. Have your certificate number ready.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact the product manager who will help you further.