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Functioning of the NTMB system


How does the NTMB management system work?

In order to enable the quality requirements of the NTMB management system to evolve, it is essential to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible, to bundle this and to disseminate consistent information. To this end, the administrator convenes at least once a year an Advisory Board. Crucial within this board is the consultation between the various parties involved: certificate holders, private users, public institutions, accredited certification bodies and experts. The various interest groups are thus represented in a balanced way in this advisory board.

The Advisory Board gives its opinion on the nature and content of the certification scheme (cf. the requirements and certification regulations), but cannot intervene in the evaluation or in the decision to grant the certificate for individual dossiers.

The administrator asks BELAC (Belgian accreditation body of the Federal Public Service Economy) to monitor the certification bodies and to ensure that all certification bodies treat the dossiers in a uniform manner. A certification body that wishes to handle dossiers relating to the NTMB management system applies to BELAC for accreditation. BELAC evaluates the dossier, carries out audits and takes a decision on the granting of the accreditation certificate to the certification body concerned regarding the NTMB management system.

After obtaining its accreditation, the certification body reports to the administrator that it wishes to process files under the NTMB management system. After being designated by the administrator, the certification body may handle the dossiers.

The certification body evaluates the applications for certification of producers/suppliers, carries out audits and decides on the granting of the NTMB certificate in accordance with the certification regulations of the NTMB management system in force. The certification body also deals with complaints about a producer certified for the NTMB management system and - if necessary - takes appropriate measures. These measures range from a warning, to suspension or even withdrawal of the certificate, depending on the seriousness of the facts.

producer, supplier or service provider wishing to obtain the NTMB certificate for his organisation, must contact a certification body.

Who applies for the NTMB-certificate?

The “Standaardbestek 250 voor de Wegenbouw” (Standard Specifications 250 for road construction) requires the use of the NTMB certificate (or equivalent) for certain landscaping and green space management works and for watercourses. 

Download here the manual (only available in Dutch) on how to include NTMB in your technical specifications.