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Hydraulically bound mixtures


What is the product?

Hydraulically bound mixtures consist of aggregates, sand, water and binder. These mixtures (including sand cement, lean concrete, and stabilised rubble foundation) are produced by a central mixing plant.

Product Applications

Foundations for road construction, airports and other areas intended for traffic.

What does Copro do?

  • Inspection of the raw materials, with respect to the environment and hygiene (laws) as well as technical aspects.
  • The performance of each mixture must be determined on the basis of a preliminary study, under the supervision of COPRO.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Indication of BENOR and the 8-digit code of the technical datasheet on the delivery note.
  • The technical datasheet is available at

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • For contractors, governments, but also for the private sector, trust in the quality of hydraulically bound mixtures is of fundamental importance.
  • Certification of hydraulically bound mixtures certainly adds value to their various applications.
  • The hydraulically bound mixtures are checked at regular intervals by the producer, under the supervision of COPRO.
  • The instructions for use (including the workability period) of the mixtures is an important element for obtaining high-quality foundations.
  • Supervision of the production process, the formula and the final product. This keeps the properties of the hydraulically bound mixtures constant.

Regardless of how well the mixture is produced and its quality, it remains essential to ensure that parameters relating to the laying of hydraulically bound mixtures are respected on site. Respecting the workability period as well as correct and sufficient compaction contribute to a long life for the installed product.  


Sectoral Commission

  • President: Margo Briessinck (AWV)
  • Vice-President: Pascale De Kesel (BE-CERT)
  • Secretary: Toby Verdin (COPRO)
  • Effective members: Chantal Flemal (SPW), William Martens (FARYS), Marc Van Heck (AQUAFIN), Tom Clissen (FLUVIUS), Guy Geerts (VSOR), Sabine Roegiers (DENUO), Thibault Mariage (FEREDECO), Thierry Beirens (FEDBETON), Tom Mangelschots (VLAWEBO), Luc Rens (FEBELCEM), Steven Schaerlaekens (FEDIEX - Granulaten), Frederik Verhelst (FEDIEX - kalk), Colette Grégoire (OCW), Pieter Keppens (COPRO), Géraldine Welvaert (DEVLIEGER VAN VOOREN), Serge Vermeren (LABOREX) en Frederic Demeyer (BCCA).

Hydraulically bound mixtures - fixed unit TRA 21

  • Verdin Toby +32 492 59 14 17 gbol.ireqva@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@nidrev.ybot Certification manager