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Asphalt mixtures


What is the product?

Asphalt mixtures are a composition of stones, sand, filler, a binder and possibly additives (such as colourants) and/or reclaimed asphalt.

Product Applications

Asphalt can be used as hardening for roads, airports, sport facilities, car parks, bank revetment, as final or temporary repairs.

What does Copro do?

  • Random sampling of asphalt mixtures on the production unit.
  • Randomly measuring the composition of the asphalt mixture by the producer under the supervision of COPRO.
  • Verification of the results obtained by the producer in the context of internal self-monitoring.
  • Supervision of the raw materials used. When a producer wishes to include a new product in its range, COPRO contribute to the preliminary study with random sampling.
  • Inspection of the laboratory used by the producer for self-monitoring.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Asphalt mixtures are supplied with a specific delivery document with a pre-printed number.
  • The delivery document contains a reference to PTV 864, the COPRO certificate and the code of technical datasheet.
  • The technical datasheet can be consulted at

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • Before the producer puts a product into production, the producer first subjects it to an extensive series of tests. COPRO monitors these preliminary studies.
  • The composition of the manufactured products is checked daily by the producer.
  • Supervision by the producer of the raw materials used. No use of harmful substances such as reclaimed asphalt containing tar. COPRO monitors this.
  • Supervision of the production process and the formula. In this way the properties of the asphalt remain constant and compliant.
  • The technical datasheet of the delivered product can be consulted immediately via In the case of questions, a COPRO representative is always available to clarify matters.

Regardless of how well the asphalt is produced and its quality, it remains essential to ensure that parameters relating to the laying of the asphalt are respected on site. Respecting the thickness of the layers, the correct application of the tack coat and the correct treatment of joints and seams will improve the life span of the installed product.

Asphalt mixtures TRA 64

  • Lacaeyse Dirk +32 495 25 52 48 qvex.ynpnrlfr@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@esyeacal.krid Inspector
  • Rubbrecht Karen +32 490 64 76 29 xnera.ehooerpug@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@thcerbbur.nerak Certification manager