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Enhanced production control

L'aéroport de Bruxelles a renforcé le contrôle de la production


Clients expect, especially for important construction sites, major efforts from all partners concerning quality. Design, regulations, the products used, execution, maintenance, etc. are important parameters that contribute to a quality end result.

COPRO, through its inspection and certification, focuses in particular on the quality and conformity of the products supplied.

Since certification is based on random checks, there is not absolute certainty that the products for a specific site have been subjected to external control.

During inspections in the context of certification, a check is usually made against the requirements present in standards, technical prescriptions and/or standard contract documents and, therefore, no checks are carried out in accordance with the provisions in special specifications of a specific site.

Moreover, in view of the mandatory confidentiality with respect to certification, there is no direct communication between the inspection body and the client regarding the findings made during an inspection.

By fully coordinating the external oversight with a specific construction site and linking it to inspections by the client, quality oversight can be increased considerably. Which is why COPRO is able to perform specific ‘enhanced production control’ at the request of the client.


The possibility of enhanced external production control is provided for the following products:

  • Cement-treated crushed rubble foundation with continuous grain distribution;
  • Foundation in asphalt granulate cement containing tar;
  • Bituminous mixtures (asphalt and/or mastic asphalt mixtures);
  • Hydraulically bound mixtures.


During enhanced production control, it is always checked whether the products comply with the requirements stated in the special specifications.



The inspections that take place in this context are supplementary to the certification in the context of a BENOR or COPRO quality mark.

They differ from among others certification controls in the following respects:

  1. Conformity with the special specifications for this specific site is verified. These checks start before the work begins, so that there is certainty that the products proposed by the contractor are in accordance with the special specifications.
  2. The frequency of external oversight is higher and this is carried out specifically for the requested site. Scheduling of the inspections is done in consultation with the client, so that there is oversight at the moment of production that is important to it.
  3. Communication is foreseen between the inspection body and client so that an appropriate response can be made immediately to possible nonconforming products at the production site. As a result, the enhanced production control fits seamlessly with external oversight in the context of certification, and quality control is increased considerably.
  4. At the end of construction at the site, the client receives a final report clearly summarising all the findings.

It goes without saying that these enhanced production controls are an extension of the existing BENOR or COPRO certification and can therefore only be carried out by the inspection body that carries out the standard external oversight within the framework of the associated certification.


The enhanced production control is preferably enforced by including an attached article with the special specifications. Feel free to contact us for more information.


The advantages for the various parties are obvious:

  • The client receives products with an increased confidence in quality. The external inspections after all are tailored to its requirements and its specific construction sites. In the event of nonconforming products, the client will be informed and the possible influence on quality will be discussed.
  • The contractor receives the supplied product with the intended quality.
  • The producer knows that the quality of its product has been demonstrated for the specific site.

Role of COPRO

COPRO visits the certificate holder and carries out inspections. The findings are then passed on to the producer, contractor and client so that the appropriate measures can be taken.


De verhoogde productiecontrole wordt voorgeschreven in het bijzonder bestek. De aannemer of producent kan vervolgens contact opnemen met COPRO zodat een overeenkomst kan worden opgesteld betreffende de uit te voeren inspecties.

The enhanced production inspection is prescribed in the special specifications. The contractor or producer can then contact COPRO so that an agreement can be drawn up regarding the inspections to be carried out.


Enhanced production control is often applied to large infrastructure projects such as highways, airports, etc. Below you will find a selection of recent references:


  • W19/01 N37 Maintenance structurel Ring Pittem
  • W19/02 Bruxelles Mobilité - Chantiers divers
  • W20/03 E314 Renovation viaduct Wilsele direction Lummen
  • W20/04 N31 Bruges Maintenance structurel
  • W20/05 N49 Kaprijke Réparation du revêtement en asphalte dans les deux sens de circulation
  • W21/02 Voies cyclables West-Vlaanderen
  • W21/03 Voies cyclables Oost-Vlaanderen
  • W21/04 Voies cyclables Limburg
  • W21/06 E314 Wilsele fase 3


  • W19/13 AWV R4 Structureal maintanance between E40 and complex Melle
  • W19/06 BAC RWY25R/07L Runway Airport Zaventem
  • W19/10 A13 Renovation of the A13 in Beringen
  • W20/02 A8 Structural maintenance Halle
  • W20/03 E314 Renovation viaduct Wilsele driving direction Lummen
  • W19/01 N37 Structural maintenance ring Pittem
  • W19/02 Brussel Mobiliteit - Multiple sites

Renovation at Brussels Airport

In August 2020 the runway 07L/25R at Brussels Airport was renovated. Given the great importance Brussels Airport attaches to the quality of these works, COPRO was called in to check the quality of the asphalt mixtures used.