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Mastic asphalt


What is the product?

Mastic asphalt is a bituminous mixture consisting of sand, filler and possibly stones and one or more additives. It is mainly delivered in bulk. Repair mastic asphalt is sometimes also supplied in the form of so-called ‘breads’ or ‘tiles’.

Product Applications

The main applications of mastic asphalt are:

  • Sealing and protection layers on bridge decks
  • Top layers of bicycle and footpaths
  • Water channels
  • Repairs
  • Roof car parks
  • Floors

What does Copro do?

  • On a regular basis, samples are taken at the site in the presence of COPRO.
  • These samples are tested by the producer (in the presence of COPRO) and by an externally accredited laboratory.
  • Inspection of the raw materials used, daily tests, the production process …
  • Inspection of the laboratory used by the producer for self-monitoring.

How do you recognize a certified product?

Indication of PTV 865, COPRO and the code of the technical datasheet (quick code, available at on the delivery document (with pre-printed receipt number).

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • As part of the preliminary studies, the producer carries out a series of tests in advance. COPRO monitors this. Only when these test results are compliant will the producer put the product into production.
  • The composition of the manufactured products is thoroughly checked daily by the producer.
  • Supervision of the raw materials used.
  • Supervision of the production process and the formula.

Moreover, the quality of the laid product is also determined by the preparatory work carried out and respecting the various parameters for laying such as layer thickness and temperature.

Mastic asphalt TRA 65

  • Dedoncker Andie +32 496 12 92 98 naqvr.qrqbapxre@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@rekcnoded.eidna Certification manager