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Vitrified clay pipe systems


What is the product?

Vitrified clay products are manufactured from baked clay and can be equipped with sealing materials such as rubber or polyurethane, which ensure a watertight connection between the different parts.

Product Applications

  • Vitrified clay products are used in sewerage systems and for the disposal of waste water.
  • For application in specific circumstances (increased risk of abrasion, possible impact of chemical products) separate classes are provided in the applicable PTV.

What does Copro do?

  • Inspection at the production unit at least twice a year.
  • For each technical datasheet of all certified producers, the testing of at least one product or combination of products is carried out yearly fully under the supervision of COPRO.
  • Verification of the test monitoring results carried out by the producer.
  • Inspection of the producer's laboratory.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Reference to PTV 895 and BENOR on the product (pipe, bend, branch …).
  • Reference on the delivery document to the code of the technical datasheet (available at
  • Fittings (rubber rings, polypropylene couplings, stainless steel couplings, flexible couplings …) that are delivered separately on site contain a reference to the applicable PTV.

Identification of the product must include, in addition to the name, the class of wear resistance and chemical resistance.

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • COPRO has checked on a regular basis whether the delivered product corresponds to the technical datasheet.
  • The technical datasheet of the delivered product can be consulted immediately via
  • COPRO ensures that the properties of the products (dimensions, strength, density, wear resistance, chemical resistance …) or the combination of products (water tightness, chemical resistance …) are continuously monitored by the producer and tested against the requirements of the European product standards.
  • COPRO ensures that the fittings that are delivered separately to the construction site are checked continuously.

Reference documents

Technical documents:

  • PTV 895-1 versie 2.0 - Technical prescriptions for pipes, fittings and joints
  • PTV 895-4 versie 2.0 - Technical prescriptions for adaptors, connectors and flexible couplings
  • PTV 895-6 versie 2.0 - Technical prescriptions for components of manholes and inspection chambers
  • PTV 895-7 versie 2.0 - Technical prescriptions for pipes and joints for pipe jacking

Certification documents

TRA 95 versie 2.0: Application regulations for the product certification of vitrified clay pipe systems for drains and sewers under the BENOR-mark

Sectoral Commission / Advisory Board

President: William Martens (Farys)

Secretary: Koen Van Daele (COPRO)

Members: Marc Scheppermans (Aquafin), René Van Veldhoven (Steinzeug–Keramo), Hai Sieben (Euro Sweillem), Dirk Lacaeyse (COPRO), Didier Block (BFAW), Wendy Francken (VLARIO), Philippe Keppens (AWV).

Vitrified clay pipe systems TRA 95

  • Van Daele Koen +32 478 31 07 71 xbra.inaqnryr@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@eleadnav.neok Certification manager