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CE Marking

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CE marking is affixed to a construction product by the manufacturer. This indicates that it is responsible for the conformity of the product with the declared performance.

CE marking has the following form:

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To promote the free movement of construction products within the European Union, European Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR for short) was published on 4 April 2011 and made definitively enforceable on 1 July 2013.

This regulation stipulates that a declaration of performance must be drawn up on the basis of harmonised technical specifications (standard or European technical assessment) and that construction products must bear the CE marking.


Any product that is intended to be permanently incorporated in construction products such as bridges, roads and buildings is a construction product. In addition, its essential characteristics must influence those of the structure itself in terms of their basic requirements.


The seven basic requirements that constructions must meet are:

  1. Mechanical resistance and stability
  2. Safety in case of fire
  3. Hygiene, health and environment
  4. Safety and accessibility in use
  5. Protection against noise
  6. Energy economy and heat retention
  7. Sustainable use of natural resources

The range of construction products is very wide: aggregates, asphalt mixtures, guardrails, geotextile, bitumen …


A manufacturer wishing to be certified shall submit an application to COPRO using the appropriate application form on our website.

Subsequently, COPRO will carry out one or more audits at the applicant's premises and verify whether the applicant's quality system complies with the requirements of the technical specifications.

In addition, the manufacturer must draw up a 'Declaration of Performance' - abbreviated to DoP - which explains the essential characteristics of the construction product and its intended use.


The certificate is issued by the notified body. It confirms that the requirements described in the technical specifications are applied by the manufacturer. In order to verify whether or not a manufacturer has a certificate for a specific production unit, the website of the certification body should be consulted. This is the only medium for checking whether a certificate is currently valid. 

Here on our website, you can look up certificate holders by product or application.



The CE marking shall be affixed before the construction product is placed on the market, in a visible, legible and indelible manner, on the construction product or on an attached label. In case the nature of the product does not allow it or does not justify it, the marking shall be affixed to the packaging of the product or to the documents accompanying it.


CE marking on construction products is compulsory by law in every member state of the European Union.


With suppliers who have a certificate, an audit is carried out by COPRO on a regular basis to check whether the supplier's quality system continues to meet the requirements of the technical specifications.

Role of COPRO

COPRO is notified as Notified Body. COPRO is registered by the FPS Economy with the European Commission under number 1137 within the framework of CE marking.

COPRO certifies the conformity of the manufacturer’s quality system with the harmonised technical specifications by taking on the following tasks:

  • Initial inspection of the product installation and the factory production control;
  • Continuous monitoring, assessment and evaluation of the factory production control.

For some products, COPRO also certifies the constancy of performance of the product itself. For this, COPRO assesses the performance of the product based on type testing.

COPRO certifies more than 350 production units for 13 different construction products.


A certificate can be requested by a supplier or manufacturer of a construction product. This is done digitally, via our website.

Here you will find all the AFD forms you need to apply.

You will also find the contact person per product under ‘Contact’. They will be happy to assist you further.