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The Circular Road

Published on 30/04/2019
Circulaire weg

The circular economy in this case means looking for innovative solutions for road construction. The Flemish government decided last year to give the circular economy a boost and released funds to support pilot projects.

A good example is the use of high-quality concrete aggregate in new road concrete.  Road construction firm Wegenbouw De Brabandere from Veurne proposed a pilot project, got the green light and - in collaboration with the Veurne city government - constructed the first circular concrete road in Flanders! This is a road where the excavated concrete rubble was taken to their site in Veurne, treated using a mobile crushing plant and, after the required tests were carried out, delivered as high-quality concrete aggregate under COPRO and BENOR certification. The road concrete that was installed on the new road consisted for half of these high-quality recycled concrete aggregates. This groundbreaking project is an example of the high-performance use of concrete aggregate, and therefore of the circular use of raw materials.

This Circular Road demonstrates that the use of recycled aggregates adds value to the Circular Economy in Flanders. It will serve as an example for future generations and will lead to major changes in future construction projects.

View the entire process here.