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COPRO / Impartial body for the inspection for products

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Via certification, an impartial institution confirms its confidence in the quality of particular products. COPRO is the certification body for the quality marks COPRO, BENOR and ATG, covering a whole range of construction products.

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COPRO carries out inspections for producers on behalf of various certification bodies, and does this within the context of different Belgian and foreign quality marks, such as COPRO, BENOR and KOMO.

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CE Marking

Construction projects are subject to the rules on the free movement of goods within the European Union. Products that comply with this are awarded a CE marking. COPRO is notified by Europe as a notified body.

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Receipt in batches

Confidence in the quality of a defined party’s construction products can be confirmed by means of batch testing. COPRO carries out batch testing for various construction products.

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Enhanced production control

If the client wants to have increased confidence in the products on a specific site, it can also call on COPRO to carry out enhanced production control.

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COPRO is a sector operator, recognised by NBN, and is therefore instrumental in the development of new standards. COPRO takes an active part in 120 working groups in which all kinds of standards are elaborated.

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COPRO EXTRANET is an interactive website on which all the technical data sheets for all products certified by COPRO can be found. With this tool, COPRO aims to simplify all the steps required for the communication and control of products and technical data sheets.

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