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Product Info


What is the product?

Filler is a very fine aggregate. The content smaller than 0.063 mm is at least 70%.

There are 3 types of filler: composite (composed of secondary and/or natural raw materials), natural (derived from one natural mineral raw material) and artificial (derived from a mineral source resulting from a thermal or other industrial process) filler.

Product Applications

  • Fillers are used in bituminous mixtures in road construction according to “Standaardbestek 250”.
  • According to product standard EN 13043.

What does Copro do?

  • Carries out a set number of inspections at the product location.
  • Takes samples at set frequencies and attends to random tests.
  • Monitors the raw materials used.
  • Carries out checks on the internal self-monitoring of the producer.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Original delivery note for the client is the only guarantee that the product supplied has been produced in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.
  • This delivery note should refer to the relevant certificates and the 8-digit quick code of the technical sheets (available on ).

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • The asphalt producer has sufficient guarantee to receive a filler of constant quality and reliability.
  • The fillers are checked at set frequencies by the producer. COPRO monitors this.

Referention documents

Technical documents

  • PTV 812 (version 1.0 du 2020-03-03) : Prescriptions techniques pour fillers pour mélanges bitumineux dans la construction routière
  • NBN EN 13043 (1e édition novembre 2002) : Granulats pour mélanges bitumineux et pour enduits utilisés dans la construction des chaussées, aérodromes et autres zones de circulation

Certification document

  • TRA 12 BENOR (version 4.0 du 2020-03-03) : Règlement d’application pour la certification de produits des fillers pour mélanges bitumineux dans la construction routière

Document CE :

  • R/CE2+16236 (version 1.0 du 2014-02-18) : Règlement pour la certification dans le cadre du marquage CE suivant le système AVCP 2+ : Certification de conformité du contrôle de production en usine pour les mélanges bitumeux

Advisory board

President: Stefan Vansteenkiste (OCW)

Secretary: Kim De Jonghe (COPRO)

Members: Chantal Flemal (SPW), Hans Hudales (Belfill), Philippe Keppens (AWV), Kristine Slachmuylder (Belfill), Johan Vanhollebeke (BVA), Noël Vanhollebeke (BVA), Pieter Van Der Sypt (BVA), Etienne Danniau (Belfill) en Johny De Nutte (COPRO)


Fillers TRA 12

  • De Jonghe Kim +32 470 22 13 33 xvz.qrwbatur@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@ehgnojed.mik Certification manager
  • De Nutte Johny +32 476 47 31 23 wbual.qrahggr@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@ettuned.ynhoj Certification manager