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Natural asphalt


What is the product?

Natural asphalt is a naturally occurring resinous hydrocarbon that is solid at ambient temperature.

Product Applications

Natural asphalt can be used as an additive for bituminous mixtures. Its main application is as an additive in mastic asphalt for water ditches or repairs.

What does Copro do?

  • Inspections of the production unit.
  • Random sampling at the production unit. Monitoring internal tests of these samples and performing control tests in accredited external laboratories.
  • Verification of the results obtained by the producer within the framework of internal FPC.
  • Inspection of the laboratory used by the producer for FPC.
  • Traceability of the product to the raw material.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Per package or per group of packages: label with reference to COPRO certification and PTV 866.
  • The COPRO mark is present on the delivery note accompanying the delivery of the natural asphalt.
  • The 8-digit quick code on the delivery note and on the label, based on which the product sheet can be found on the COPRO Extranet (

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • Confidence in the quality of the product and its compliance with Standard Specifications 250 (Flanders), Qualiroutes (Wallonia) and TB 2015 (Brussels).
  • The technical datasheet of the delivered product can be consulted immediately at
  • COPRO regularly verifies that the delivered product corresponds to PTV 866.
  • COPRO verifies that the products’ properties are continuously monitored by the producer.

Natural asphalt TRA 66

  • De Saedeleer Tom +32 471 98 11 87 gbz.qrfnrqryrre@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@reeledeased.mot Certification manager