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Road concrete


What is the product?

Road concrete mixtures consist of crushed stone or gravel, sand, cement, water and additives, which are converted to a durable material by the binding and hardening of the cement. Concrete mixtures intended for road construction applications are distinguished from concrete for structures by their processing (installation) and by the load (including frost/thaw, dynamic load) to which they are subjected.

Product Applications

  • Paving for roads, bicycle paths, airports, car parks, ...
  • Linear elements: curbs, water ditches, separating structures, etc, …

What does Copro do?

  • Random monitoring of the preliminary studies for new concrete mixtures.
  • Checking or monitoring the calibration of the weighing equipment of the concrete plant.
  • Inspection of the raw materials used.
  • Inspection of the laboratory used by the producer for self-monitoring.
  • Inspection of the concrete compositions produced.
  • Verification of the results obtained by the producer in the context of internal self-monitoring.
  • Random sampling of concrete mixtures at the production unit.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • A specific code of the concrete mixture is stated on the delivery note based on the properties.
  • The delivery document refers to PTV 850, the BENOR certificate and the quick code of technical datasheet.
  • The technical datasheet can be consulted at or

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • Before the producer puts a concrete mixture into production, the producer first subjects it to an extensive series of tests. COPRO monitors these preliminary studies.
  • The composition of the concrete mixtures produced is monitored and checked daily.
  • Inspection of the production process and the formula. In this way the properties of the concrete remain constant and compliant.
  • The technical datasheet of the delivered product is immediately and publicly available online. In the case of questions, a COPRO representative is always available to clarify matters.

Regardless of how well the concrete is produced and its quality, it remains essential to ensure on site that all parameters related to installation of the concrete (for example protection of the fresh concrete) are respected in order to achieve the intended result.

Locations of concrete plants TRA 50

Wegenbeton centrales

Road concrete TRA 50

  • Verbustel Luc +32 474 50 27 40 yhp.ireohfgry@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@letsubrev.cul Certification manager