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The BENOR mark is a voluntary quality label. It gives the user confidence in the compliance of a product with the applicable regulations. It is a quality label because it guarantees that the certified product fulfils well defined quality requirements. It is a voluntary label because it is supported by the market and not imposed by legislation. The BENOR label can be applied when parties agree this voluntarily.


The BENOR label is printed on the product, on the product packaging or on the delivery documents. Generally, the BENOR label contains a reference to the applicable regulations and to the supplier, if necessary by mentioning an identification number.

The BENOR-mark is based on completely the same principles, approach and follow-up as the COPRO label.


The products that COPRO certifies under the BENOR-mark can be counsultated via our website, via the filter ‘Certification system’.

It concerns for example road concrete, stoneware pipes and geotextile.


BENOR vzw concludes sublicense contracts for the management and supervision in specific sectors with several sector organisations (OSO), among which COPRO vzw. This management includes the definition of the technical reference specifications, the drafting of the certification schemes and the organisation of the certification.

These sectoral organisations in turn call upon one or more certification bodies (OCI) for the management of the individual certification files.

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The BENOR label is based on objectively verifiable and non-discriminatory criteria. These criteria are defined by consensus in consultation with all interested parties. They are based on collective expectations defined by user groups.


The certificates under the BENOR quality mark can be consulted on our website here.


What are the advantages of the BENOR label: 

The BENOR-label:

  • simplifies the clauses of contracts and specifications;
  • allows the avoidance of prior approval;
  • reduces the risk of disputes;
  • contributes to the quality of construction works;
  • promotes compliance with execution deadlines;
  • avoids disloyal competition due to non-quality.

What are the advantages of the BENOR label for  construction professionals?

In the construction industry the BENOR label is an important link in the general quality assurance. Thanks to the BENOR label:

  • the project owner has a quality guarantee for the products, proesses or services used, on the basis of which he can dispense with a prior inspection;
  • the designer and the architect can concentrate on their task and on the quality of the construction work;
  • the contractor has an additional guarantee that he is working with quality products;
  • the supplier enjoys the necessary confidence of the user in the delivered products, processes or services.

Added value

The BENOR label allows the user to have confidence in the conformity of the product, the process or the service. The BENOR certification guarantees an effective supervision by an independent party in all cases. This supervision relates to the measures which the supplier with the licence to use the BENOR label takes within the framework of his self-monitoring in order to guarantee conformity.

BENOR certification meets the expectations of the users and contributes to consumer protection by supervising the self-monitoring of the supplier.

De BENOR certification serves the general interest by promoting the rules of the art in various industrial sectors and thus contributes to technical and economic progress.

BENOR certification also offers the possibility to safeguard various aspects of public safety, health and the interests of the end users.


Product certification can be requested by a supplier or the producer of a product.

Applying for a certificate happens digitally, via our website. Here  you will find all the AFD forms with which the application can be made.

Under ‘Contact’ you will find our staff members for each product. They will be pleased to help you.