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Asphalt mixtures

Asphalt mixtures are a composition of stones, sand, filler, a binder and possibly additives (such as colourants) and/or reclaimed asphalt.

Bitumen emulsions and flux bitumen

  • A bitumen emulsion according to PTV 856 is a mixture of droplets of (polymer) bitumen in soapy water. This soapy water contains an emulsifier, amines, acids, …
  • Flux bitumen according to PTV 857 is a mixture in which (polymer) bitumen is mixed with an oil.

Bitumen for road construction

Road construction bitumen is very viscous or near-solid at ambient temperatures. The product is obtained by refining crude oil, thus separating it from other fractions such as LPG, petrol, kerosene… It is deposited as a residue in the distillation column.

Cast iron road materials

These are devices for covering manholes in traffic and pedestrian areas with an opening of at least 700 mm (PTV 880-1) and sewer parts and devices made of cast iron for water collection and drainage (PTV 802).

Cold asphalt

Cold asphalt is a mixture of stones, sand, filler and possibly additives with an emulsion, flux bitumen or synthetic binder. Due to this binder, the asphalt can be processed cold. It is available in bags or buckets, but also in bulk.

Deksels in composiet materialen

Deksels voor rioleringstoepassingen worden standaard voorzien in gietijzer. Deze worden gecertificeerd onder het COPRO-keurmerk, of onder het BENOR-keurmerk in geval van rijwegdeksels.

Een markttendens is het toepassen van deksels in composiet (kunststof).


Elastomer sealing rings

Elastomer sealing rings are made of vulcanised rubber. The rings ensure that the seal between two connected parts is watertight within the scope of application.


Filler is a very fine aggregate. The content smaller than 0.063 mm is at least 70%.

There are 3 types of filler: composite (composed of secondary and/or natural raw materials), natural (derived from one natural mineral raw material) and artificial (derived from a mineral source resulting from a thermal or other industrial process) filler.


Gabions are baskets made of netting with a hexagonal mesh of steel wire with a zinc-aluminium coating and possibly plastic coating, formed by a cage (front, back, base and cover), sides and any partitions.


Geogrids are flat structures, consisting of a regular network with tensile and interconnected elements in the nodes. They are constructed using a perpendicular network structure.