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Sulfer concrete products


What is the product?

Sulphur concrete is a thermoplastic material and the product sulphur concrete is poured into a mould or formwork at a temperature of around 140°. Curing is not done by a chemical reaction, but by cooling. After cooling, the product has reached its final strength and can therefore be used immediately.

Sulphur concrete products are made from composite. This composite is similar to cement concrete because both consist of granulates, sand, fillers, binders and additives. However, cement and water are replaced by pure elemental sulphur. Thanks to the innovative production process, this sulphur composite is impermeable to fluids and highly acid-resistant in contrast to lime or cement.

Sulphur concrete has many advantages. It is suitable for chemically aggressive environments. It has an extremely smooth surface with a very dense structure, so that there are no pores through which water can penetrate. The product has a fast strength development (up to 80% of the final strength in one hour), which makes it interesting for a wide range of applications. Due to its resistance to chemicals, products suitable for drainage systems will soon be available.

Product Applications

Sulphur concrete products are used for sewerage and wastewater disposal systems. This includes pipes, fittings, access and connection manholes.

What does Copro do?

Periodic inspections are generally carried out at an average frequency of one visit per month. This frequency may be increased or decreased upon justified request by the producer and agreement by the certification body.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • On the product (manholes, pipes and fittings, ...) reference to PTV 823 and COPRO.
  • On the delivery document reference to the code of the technical sheet (available on
  • Fittings (rubber rings, polypropylene couplings, stainless steel couplings, flexible couplings, ...) that are supplied separately on site are provided with a reference to the applicable PTV.
  • By identifying the product:
    • Strength class or prescribed minimum crushing load      under vertical load;
    • Identification of the conditions of use if different from     normal;
    • Identification of special uses, if applicable;
    • The pressure applied in the water leakage test   according to Annex C of the PTV 823.

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • COPRO regularly checks whether the product supplied complies with the technical sheet.
  • The technical sheet of the delivered product can be consulted immediately via
  • COPRO ensures that the properties of the products (dimensions, strength, watertightness, etc.) are continually checked by the producer and compared with the requirements of PTV823.
  • COPRO ensures that the fittings delivered separately to the construction site are continuously checked.

Referention documents

Technical documents:

  • PTV 823 Deel 1 - Rioleringsproducten in zwavel beton: Deel 1 Geprefabriceerde toegangs- en verbindingsputten van ongewapend zwavelbeton
  • PTV 823 Deel 2 - Rioleringsproducten in zwavelbeton: Deel 2 Geprefabriceerde buizen en hulpstukken van ongewapend zwavelbeton
  • Certificatiedocumenten: TRA 23 - Toepassingsreglement voor productcertificatie van geprefabriceerde rioleringsproducten van ongewapend zwavelbeton onder het COPRO-merk
  • RNR 23: Regulatory note for calibration, calibration and control

Advisory board

  • President: William Martens (Vlario)
  • Secretary: Johan Mondelaers (Copro)
  • Members: Nele De Belie (Universiteit Gent - Laboratorium Magnel voor Betononderzoek), Johan Horckmans (Probeton), Lucie Vandewalle (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Departement Burgerlijke Bouwkunde), Serge Vermeren (Groepering Belgische Autonome Laboratoria Burgerlijke Bouwkunde), Philippe Keppens (AWV Wegenbouwkunde), Alex Loens (Fluvius), Marc Van Heck (Aquafin), Guy Doumen (De Bonte Betonfabriek), Guy Verbist (Shell Downstream Services Int.), Alain Decamps (Pidpa), Frédéric Coupain (Idea), Joris Vienne (Becetel)

Sulfer concrete products TRA 23

  • Mondelaers Johan +32 471 98 06 55 wbuna.zbaqrynref@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@srealednom.nahoj Certification manager