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Joint fillers and sealants


What is the product?

Hot-processed joint fillers and sealants consist of a mixture of petroleum bitumen, polymers or elastomers, resins and optional additives. It is delivered in boxes or metal drums.

Product Applications

  • Hot-processed joint filler products are mainly used in joints in concrete pavements, in asphalt pavements or in joints between asphalt and concrete pavements.
  • Joint sealants are applied at seams in top layers, at joints between bituminous pavements and cement concrete pavements or linear elements.

What does Copro do?

  • Sampling takes place at regular intervals at the producer or at the distributor, in the presence of COPRO. The samples are tested twice a year under the supervision of COPRO.
  • Verification of all test results and verification of the monitoring equipment used.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • Indication of PTV 846, COPRO and the code of the technical datasheet (via quick code, available at on the packaging and on the delivery note.

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • COPRO has checked on a regular basis whether the delivered product corresponds to the technical datasheet.
  • The technical datasheet of the product can be consulted immediately at via the quick code
  • COPRO verifies that the properties of the products are continually checked by the producer and checked against the customer's requirements.
  • Supervision of the raw materials used, the production process, the formula and the final product.

Joint fillers and sealants TRA 46

  • Dedoncker Andie +32 496 12 92 98 naqvr.qrqbapxre@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@rekcnoded.eidna Certification manager
  • Van Dam Jordy +32 493 25 58 76 wbeql.inaqnz@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@madnav.ydroj Inspector