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Recycled aggregrates


What is the product?

Recycled aggregates are a composition of sand and gravel obtained by pre-sifting, crushing and sifting debris produced at a fixed location or at a construction site and demolition yard.

Product Applications

  • (sub)foundations
  • piling and replenishment
  • raw material for sand and aggregate cement
  • raw material for stabilised mixtures
  • hydraulic engineering works

What does Copro do?

  • Performs a fixed number of inspections at the production location.
  • Random inspection of whether the producer is performing its internal controls correctly, is respecting its acceptance regulations, and is keeping its records up-to-date.
  • Taking samples at fixed intervals and randomly being present at tests.
  • Verify that production and monitoring is done according to COPRO-approved procedures.

How do you recognize a certified product?

  • The original delivery note intended for the client is the only guarantee that the delivered product was produced in accordance with the regulations.
  • This delivery note must refer to the relevant certificates and the 8-digit quick code of the technical datasheets (available on

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • Use in higher-quality applications.
  • Trust in the structural and environmental-hygienic product quality.
  • The recycled aggregates are checked at fixed intervals by the producer. COPRO monitors this.
  • Supervision of the production process. This keeps the properties of the recycled aggregates constant.
  • In addition to the ecological aspect, mobile crushing on site also has an economic advantage for the client, and re-use of the aggregates on site is possible.

Reference documents

Les règlements suivants sont utilisés pour la certification COPRO :

  • CRC COPRO 01 - Règlement pour la certification de produits dans le secteur de la construction (version 4.0 du 2019-03-19),
  • TRA M10/11 – “Toepassingsreglement voor de certificatie van de milieuhygiënische kwaliteit van puin- en sorteerzeefgranulaten” selon le Règlement unitaire de l’OVAM (version 5.0 du 2018-09-25),

Les règlements suivants sont utilisés pour la certification BENOR :

  • CRC BENOR 01 – Règlement pour la certification de produits dans le secteur de la construction (version 3.0 du 2019-03-19),
  • BENOR TRA 10 - Règlement d’application pour les granulats recyclés produits sur un site fixe (version 4.0 du 2019-10-05),
  • BENOR TRA 11 - Règlement d'application pour granulats recyclés produits par une installation mobile (version 3.0 du 2016-10-07),
  • PTV 406 – Prescriptions techniques – Classification de granulats recyclés (version 9.0 du 2020-03-10)

Sectoral Commission / Advisory Board

President : Jan Desmyter (WTCB – Nu Buildwise)

Secretary : Michaël Van Schelvergem (COPRO)

Members : Chantal Flemal (SPW), Martine Gillet (SPW), Frédérique Thewissen (SPW), Ann Van Gucht (Be-Cert), Hicham Adli (BRUSSEL MOBILITEIT), Jean-Marc Aldric (SPW), Didier Block (FWEV), Krijn Ivens (DENUO), Margo Briessinck (AWV), Luc De Bock (OCW), Johny De Nutte (COPRO), Eli Desmedt (BFAW), Jan Desmyter (WTCB – Nu Buildwise), Dirk Coveliers (VSOR), Willy Goossens (VSOR), Pieter Keppens (COPRO), William Martens (FARYS), Manu Van de Velde (LEB), Philippe Van De Velde (OVAM), Thierry Vanmol (FEDIEX), Michaël Van Schelvergem (COPRO).

Willy Goossens participated one last time in the Recycled Granules Sectoral Commission on 21/03/2022 and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

2 meetings took place in 2022.

Recycled aggregates - mobile recycling TRA 11

  • Van Schelvergem Michaël +32 496 26 05 97 zvpunry.inafpuryiretrz@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@megrevlehcsnav.leahcim Certification manager