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Certification of management systems

Published on 27/09/2017
No. 107-QMS
Accreditation certificate No. 107-QMS.pdf

COPRO accredited for certification of management systems

COPRO has since many years been accredited as a certification and inspection body under EN ISO/IEC 17065 and EN ISO/IEC 17020 respectively. These services have long been recognized in the sector of roads and infrastructure.

In order to be able to further expand its activities with the certification of management systems according to EN ISO/IEC 17021-1, a new general certification regulation, CRC 03, was drawn up and COPRO’s quality system expanded.

When certifying management systems, audits are conducted to assess the implementation of the documented system for het production process. This is a different working method than product certification, in which the focus is on the conformity of the product itself.

After audits at the office and in the field, BELAC, the national accreditation body, took a positive decision on 7/09/2017.

The accreditation is the formal statement of the technical competence and integrity of a company, in this case for certification of management systems, and specifically for the NTMB (Natuurtechnische milieubouw - Eco Tech building) system. The certification of management systems for other fields of application is now only a small additional step.