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COPRO launches Digilab

Published on 13/05/2019
Digilab - Product Management

In a world that is moving faster and faster and where everything is evolving, it is extremely important to work as efficiently as possible.

COPRO resolutely boarded the digital train in 2016. First we digitised a number of our administrative tasks and documents (e.g. application forms, sending invoices electronically, etc.). We then shifted into a higher gear and carefully studied the way we work in order to roll out an appropriate “digital” approach.

From this a number of ambitious projects emerged, including Digilab. This is an online tool developed by COPRO to digitise data transfers between laboratories and certificate holders. With Digilab our aim is to handle the preparation and sending of test requests to the labs – as well as to receive, process and assess the results – in a uniform and digital way.

On the one hand, the creation of test requests is automated by the inspector. On the other hand, the test results can be transferred in XML format from the lab to COPRO via Digilab. The technical description can be found on the Digilab how to page. COPRO strongly encourages receiving test results via Digilab.

After the inspector checks the results, the producer or supplier receives a clear form with all test results and evaluations. Thanks to this reliable tool, the results can be processed and sent to the producer and client with greater accuracy and more quickly.

Laboratories that wish to work with Digilab, or other parties that wish to use this exchange protocol, can contact Ruben Verbeke (