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COPRO is rewarded with the VOKA certificate

Published on 05/07/2023
VOKA Charter - Laureaten

COPRO team is rewarded with the VOKA certificate for sustainable efforts

In June, COPRO, an impartial institution for the inspection and certification of construction products, received the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Business (VCDO). Sustainability is, as it were, in COPRO's blood. Because COPRO strives on a daily basis for a sustainable construction infrastructure that we can all use, today and tomorrow. With the VOKA Charter, the company now also wants to take an even more sustainable path from the inside out.


VOKA Charter - Kim


Sustainable impact with external collaborations

The VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) offers a framework for companies to translate sustainable ambitions into practice, and aims to encourage companies to challenge themselves to take that next step in sustainability.

COPRO is aware of its responsibility towards society and the environment in general. The certification body therefore enters into impactful alliances within the road construction and infrastructure sector. As a partner of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Construction, COPRO aims to help accelerate the transition to sustainable, future-oriented and climate-proof construction. This is also the case with the cooperation for the Green BENOR reference system.

Closely related to this is the CO2 performance ladder management system with which COPRO encourages organizations to reduce CO2, both structurally within the business operations and in projects and the supply chain. The institution therefore also propagates the sustainable goals that it pursues itself within the wider sector.


VOKA Charter


Supported by the COPRO team

COPRO is ambitious in its assignment and chooses the way forward towards a sustainable environment. An ambition that is also a striving factor for each of the employees. It is therefore nice to see how an internal team committed itself to setting up various projects within this VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter. To take that even more sustainable path in a supported way within COPRO as well.

The initiatives ranged from highly visible projects to sustainability awareness campaigns. For example, an adapted office design has meanwhile reduced energy consumption and more indigenous plant species have been planted in the garden. Green waste is collected in a separate waste stream and ends up on our own compost heap.

But creating awareness was also on the agenda, by having employees brainstorm about the SDG objectives from the United Nations, such as within the 'Sustainable Heroes' working group in which everyone can share their initiatives, such as sorting waste with your children, cycling to work, use LED lighting, collect batteries… Small, tangible changes. Each of us can contribute on a daily basis, for now and for the future.

COPRO has already submitted an action plan for the coming year. The obtained certificate therefore is the basis for a sustainable future which COPRO will create with the entire team.


VOKA Charter Laureaten



Communications contact person 
Barbara D’Hondt


VOKA Charter Sustainable Business contact person
Kim De Jonghe