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Execution certification: COPRO.EXE mark

Published on 10/04/2020
teerhoudend asfalt

Disposal of tar-containing asphalt now under the COPRO.EXE quality mark

In 2015, COPRO began certifying the execution of specific activities as a supplement to its existing product certification.

To clarify the difference between execution certification and product certification, the trusted COPRO quality mark was supplemented with an ε. The first certificates with this COPROε quality mark were granted in 2017 for the disposal of tar-containing asphalt.

Since then, work has continued on developing the execution certification of other activities (such as the installation of restraint systems and the construction of underground infiltration systems) and execution certification has been included in the “Standaardbestek 250” (Standard Specifications 250) version 4.1. The further development also included a new name for the Quality Mark, which clearly indicates what it is about. This became COPRO.EXE, the registered certification mark of COPRO for EXEcution.


In addition, all certification documents will also receive a number in the 8000 series. This also further clarifies the distinction with product certification. As a result, the disposal of tar-containing asphalt is given the identification number 8049, instead of 49 previously.

The existing COPROe quality mark for the disposal of tar-containing asphalt is currently being converted to the new COPRO.EXE quality mark. The regulations, forms and delivery notes have been amended and the existing certificates will also be converted by mid-2020.

In the meantime, 7 intermediate storage locations have been certified. In addition, another 8 are in a test period. The current list can be found here on our website. Both the certified intermediate storage locations and those in the test period are designated to receive tar-containing asphalt for thermal cleaning.

Procedure and documents

Despite the fact that this certification has been in existence for several years, we note that the procedure to be followed is not yet known by all contractors and contracting authorities. For this reason we are briefly summarising the three documents that are required to comprehensively certify the disposal of tar-containing asphalt:

  1. An assignment form for each project, in which the contracting authority, the contractor and the intermediate storage location make it clear to each other that the tar-containing asphalt must be thermally cleaned in accordance with the provisions of “Standaarbestek 250” (Standard Specifications 250) and BRS 8049; without this agreement there is a high risk that the tar-containing asphalt will not be disposed of in the requested manner;
  2. One consignment note per truck between the construction site and the intermediate storage location, that is signed on site by the contracting authority upon removal, so that there can be no discussion afterwards about the quantities removed;
  3. One delivery note per truck, which will be drawn up by the intermediate storage location on arrival there; the contractor will provide the contracting authority with a copy of this as proof that the tar-containing asphalt was actually taken to a certified intermediate storage location.

The relevant persons can download the assignment form here from our website. It is up to the contracting authority to initiate this.

Specific blank consignment notes can be obtained from COPRO. Here too it is up to the contracting authority to request this on time, since they are sent by post.


Other execution certifications will be subsumed under COPRO.EXE in the course of 2020. In this way not only product quality, but also the quality of execution is guaranteed, which benefits the entire sector.