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First CO2-certificate for Willemen Infra

Published on 26/01/2021
Willemen INFRA

COPRO issues the very first COaware certificate to Willemen Infra

On 25th of January, COPRO has issued the very first COaware certificate according to the Handbook COPerforrmance Ladder 3.1 to Willemen Infra.

The CO2 Performance ladder is a CO2 management system that encourages companies to reduce CO2 in a structural manner, both in business operations and in projects and the supply chain. It is used in the Netherlands as a tendering instrument and for enforcement. Following the success story of the CO2 Performance Ladder in the Netherlands, the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels governments decided in 2019 to test the CO2Performance Ladder until 2022 in some 20 large public contracts in the construction sector. Companies that reduce their CO2 emissions will have a greater chance of winning public contracts in the future.

COPRO is the first Belgian certification body that can guide Belgian companies in this process and offers this new service since September 2020. We are delighted to have completed the complete certification process together with Willemen Infra and to be able to conclude it in a positive way with the presentation of the very first Belgian certificate according to Handbook CO2 Performance ladder 3.1.

COPRO is convinced that more and more companies will take the step towards an impartial confirmation of the pursuit of a low CO2 footprint. COPRO would like to take on the role of impartial institution here. We would like to congratulate Willemen Infra on obtaining this certificate.

Willemen Infra
Managing Directeur at Willemen Infra Kurt Kesteloot at the online ceremony

On the occasion of this event, a short teleconference was held to congratulate the company on their achievements in reducing CO2 missions in the workplace. Due to the current Corona measures it was not possible to hand out the certificate on the spot. CEO Dirk Van Loo and sustainability certification officer Kim De Jonghe therefore presented the certificate officially to Kurt Kesteloot of Willemen Infra and Tom Willemen of Willemen Groep in a creative virtual way.

Kurt Kesteloot, general director at Willemen Infra: “Because of the CO2 Performance ladder we now have a full insight into how much CO2 we emit within our organisation. As Willemen Infra we want to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and communicate about this to our stakeholders. We use different management systems to translate our sustainability policy into practice by working out concrete actions at each of our workplaces."

Kim De Jonghe, sustainability certification officer at COPRO: I am pleased to be able to issue the first certificate to an organisation such as Willemen Infra and hope that, as a leading player in the market, they will serve as an example to other companies to commit to CO2 reduction in the construction and infrastructure sector as well.

Dirk Van Loo, CEO at COPRO: Confidence in the quality, safety and sustainability of construction products has been confirmed for decades by impartial institutions such as COPRO. With the CO2 Performance Ladder, a tool is now also available to secure CO2 footprint efforts in the infrastructure sector."

The new service around the COPerformanceladder fits in with COPRO's vision to focus more on sustainability. Previous initiatives such as the inclusion of sustainability requirements behind the COPRO & BENOR quality mark, the management of the NTMB care system, the digital transformation and the candidacy as climate ambassador of VOKA Vlaams-Brabant, fit into this scheme.

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