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Management NTMB system for COPRO

Published on 16/11/2020
NTMB Demervallei

Flemish Department of Environment transmits management of NTMB system to COPRO

In September 2020, COPRO took over the administration of the NTMB management system from the Flemish Department of Environment (DOMG). With this takeover, COPRO wants to promote natural techniques for infrastructure works.

In recent decades, the impact of man on his environment has become increasingly evident. The effects of global warming are strongly felt in our densely populated regions. The importance of high-quality green areas is becoming more and more evident. The decline of biodiversity, the urban heat island effect, floods, ... show us that it is high time to react.

In 2014, the Flemish Department of the Environment (DOMG) created the NTMB management system in response to a demand for more environmentally friendly quality solutions for infrastructure works. Working according to the principles of ecological and technical-natural construction aims to reconcile constructive constraints with the use of materials offering prospects for natural development.

From version 3.1 of the "Standaardbestek 250 voor de Wegenbouw" (only available in Dutch) these principles will be used for 4 product groups: living materials, wood and derived products, natural geotextiles and natural composite materials.

As the new administrator of the NTMB management system, COPRO will not only continue the existing system, but also wants to extend it to other target groups, applications and products. It will operate on a bottom-up approach and will involve the clients and designers.

Acting as the administrator of the NTMB management system is in line with the vision of COPRO, which wants to focus more on sustainability. Other previous initiatives such as the introduction of sustainability requirements under the COPRO and BENOR quality marks, the contribution to the CO2 performance ladder certification project, the digital transition and the candidature as Climate Ambassador for the "VOKA Vlaams-Brabant" are part of this approach.

Dirk Van Loo, CEO of COPRO: "The quality of infrastructure projects increasingly transcends 'how long they last', and also embraces 'how they are designed, built, maintained and replaced'. The 'sustainable' character of these phases is becoming increasingly important to all stakeholders. COPRO supports this development, and therefore wants to continue to align the NTMB care system with the needs of the future, together with the entire sector".

Lien van Besien, Environmental Department: 'In the construction sector, not only environment-related aspects, but increasingly also broader 'environment-oriented aspects' are receiving attention. Because the landscape in our densely populated region has to fulfil more and more different functions, it is important to combine them in a qualitative way. The integration between the previously (building) technical interventions at the service of people on the one hand and the landscape environment-related aspects such as nature and water management on the other hand, are contained in the principles of nature-technical environmental construction. We would like to further incorporate quality requirements for this into this care system.


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