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Product quality in times of crisis

Published on 16/04/2020
COPRO protected

All stakeholders must continue to be able to rely on the quality of the products supplied, even in times of crisis.

While the Corona crisis is raging, there is more than ever the realisation that everything is relative, and the future is more uncertain than before. Our deepest respect goes out to anyone who is committed to another, and we hope that the human impact for you and your loved ones has been limited.

As we speak, all Corona charts are rising to frightening heights. As the health of us and your staff is our greatest asset, we have completely overhauled our operations at a rapid pace. All our employees have done everything in their power and with respect for safety requirements to ensure the quality of construction products. Because as long as the construction sector is running, even in the smallest gear, the builder must be able to rely on the quality of the products supplied.

Even in corona times, it is important that economic activity is maintained as much as possible. Minister Lydia Peeters's call to restart the construction sites has a positive effect. In consultation with the road and hydraulic engineering sector, the Flemish government has drawn up a memorandum in which it is agreed how a gradual restart of the construction sites can take place. At the Confederation of Building and Construction, they are encouraging construction companies to work now on the postcoronate era and to review measures so that a possible quicker restart is possible. With small initiatives and improvements, a great deal can already be done to provide extra protection for employees.

The public builder is also helping - figuratively speaking - by speeding up the handling of public tenders. This avoids Belgian contractors and construction groups having to bridge an extra period of inactivity after the corona crisis.

Keep it safe, and let us work together again on a safe, qualitative and sustainable environment.