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Sulphur concrete now with COPRO-certification

Published on 28/04/2021
sulphur concrete

In 2013, COPRO started the procedure for certifying sulphur concrete. The instructions and regulations were completed in 2018, and sulphur concrete can now be certified under the COPRO quality mark. Sulphur is used as a binder for the production of sulphur concrete.

The COPRO quality mark (COntrol of PROducts) is a collective quality mark for which COPRO is the titleholder. The certification body has been active as an independent third party for more than 35 years and is responsible for monitoring producers who place road products on the public market under both the COPRO and the BENOR certificate. For the construction of municipal sewers in Flanders, a subsidy decree has been in place since 1996 that obliges municipalities and sewer managers to use certified products. Since the inspections take place on the basis of standards and regulations, it was necessary in 2014 to set up an advisory board to draw up these technical requirements, under the leadership of COPRO.

Advisory Board

The advisory board includes representatives from public institutions, manufacturers, users and experts, including COPRO. Johan Mondelaers: “In 2014 COPRO launched the first advisory board for sulphur concrete products. Four years and thirteen advisory board meetings later, in 2018 PTV 823 and application regulation TRA23 were approved by the advisory board. Currently there is one applicant for the certificate. The procedure for this has been initiated. After all, certification, monitoring and follow-up continue to offer great added value for the manufacturer, the contractor and the user.”

CO2 Performance Ladder

Sulphur concrete is recyclable, and fts with COPRO’s focus on circularity. This is also manifested in its recognition as a certifying body for the CO2 Performance Ladder. This encourages organisations to structurally reduce CO2 emissions, within the organisation as well as in projects and in the supply chain. Collaborating and innovating throughout the entire chain makes it possible for organisations to achieve their objectives. Like other management systems, the CO2 Performance Ladder requires: continuous improvement in insight, further CO2 reduction measures, communication and cooperation in the organisation. The CO2 Performance Ladder focuses mainly on energy savings, CO2 reductions, the efficient use of materials and the use of sustainable energy.


“Another indicator that demonstrates COPRO’s focus on the circular economy is the management of NTMB certification (ecotech environmental development). This means thinking about how construction-technical requirements can be met using materials that offer opportunities for nature development. Companies and institutions that wish to comply with the NTMB environmental care system must meet or be working on a number of minimum requirements. Special attention is paid to the factory production control of the producer/supplier/service provider and the principles of sustainable business”, concludes Johan Mondelaers.