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At the start

It all began in the year 1983. The adjudicative authorities had, and still have, the legal obligation of controlling that products integrated on road works meet to the requirements defined by specifications. Administrators as well as building contractors felt concerned about, but they generally had no time and no experience enough to fulfil the task competently.  According to the Belgian decree on "general building conditions" the task could be delegated to an impartial organism.  For that purpose, the two groups concerned worked on and created an (independent) impartial organism of control.

  • The first group involved was formed by the Belgian authorities, and the representatives of the three Belgian political Regions.
  • The second group consisted of the Federation of building contractors for road works.

This is how COPRO was born! COPRO is the abbreviation for "COntrol of PROducts". 

Mission statement

An organisation’s mission statement sets out both its raison d’être and its identity. A mission statement is timeless and is not always subject to debate.

Just to be clear, a short, understandable description of the mission, vision and objectives was determined. For the “mission statement”, this is:

“Why we’re here”

Although “Vision” is at the top of the agenda for many organisations, “Goal” is our starting point. This is because COPRO’s mission statement has already been laid down.

COPRO’s work involves organising, coordinating, harmonising and promoting quality in the construction sector, particularly by means of quality control on construction products and how they are treated, the latter at the project owner’s request.

In a nutshell: “to organise, coordinate, harmonise and promote quality in the construction sector”


An organisation’s fundamental values act as a kind of moral compass and lie at the very heart of its business culture. 

These are moral goals or ideals that we pursue and appreciate, and which also provide motivation.

“What we believe in”

COPRO’s values are impartiality, integrity, skill and reliability.


Vision gives a visionary, ambitious idea of what an organisation would like to be and, above all, how it wants to achieve this.

“What we want to achieve and how we go about achieving it”

COPRO’s vision is to step the general quality of infrastructure projects up a gear by ensuring that construction products and applications obtain a qualitative added value that meets the customer’s expectations. We accomplish this by certifying and/or inspecting or checking the processes linked to these products and their applications in a structured, rational and economical way.

This added value lies in the fields of quality, durability and sustainability, whilst at the same time promoting health, safety and the environment. All necessary attention is paid to the working conditions and safety of our members of staff.

In a nutshell: “to provide construction products that meet expectations with added value by certifying and carrying out checks on products and their applications”