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Reinforcements of steel wire


What is the product?

  • Metal reinforcement mesh: net of hexagonal mesh formed by double twisted, braided steel wires with corrosion protection, equipped with a continuously anchored, a semi-anchored or a non-anchored transverse stiffener.
  • Metallic grids: grid with a perpendicular network structure of steel cord with corrosion protection, applied to a substrate (geotextile).

Product Applications

Metal reinforcement mesh:

  • For bituminous pavements
  • Under crushed stone foundations

Metallic grids:

  • Tear-inhibiting layer with bituminous overlays

What does Copro do?

  • 4 inspections per year at the distributor and/or production unit
  • Sampling and monitoring of control tests (tensile tests, corrosion protection check, …)
  • Inspection of the production process and production control
  • Follow-up of complaints

How do you recognize a certified product?

What are the benefits of the certified product?

  • Confidence in the quality of the product and its compliance with Standard Tender Specifications 250 (Flanders) and Qualiroutes (Wallonia).
  • COPRO has regularly checked whether the product delivered meets the requirements of PTV 867-1 (reinforcement mesh) or PTV 867-2 (grids).
  • The client can spend more time on other tasks (installation, a posteriori checks, transport inspections, etc, …).

Reference documents

  • Technical documents:
    • PTV 867-1: Technical prescriptions for reinforcements of steel wire
    • PTV 867-2: Technical prescriptions for metallic grids
  • Certification documents: TRA 67 Application regulations for reinforcements of steel wire

Sectoral commission

  • President Philippe Keppens – AWV
  • Secretary: Kris Vandenneucker – COPRO
  • Members: Steven De Maesschalck (Texion Geosynthetics), Johan Vermeeren (Bekaert), Gerhard Vitt (Bekaert), Vincent Thibert (MBHG Directie Beheer en Onderhoud van de Wegen), Marco Vicari (Officine Maccaferri), Bart Beaumesnil (OCW), Dirk Lacaeyse (COPRO)
treillis d’armatures ancré en métal
treillis d’armatures semi-ancré en métal
Grille en metal

Metallic reinforcements and grids TRA 67

  • De Saedeleer Tom +32 471 98 11 87 gbz.qrfnrqryrre@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@reeledeased.mot Certification manager
  • Vandenneucker Kris +32 478 31 07 64 xevf.inaqraarhpxre@pbceb.rhue.orpoc@rekcuennednav.sirk Inspector