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Instructions COPRO teleconference


  1. You receive an email or calender invitation from your COPRO contact person with the date and hour of the planned meeting.
  2. In this invitation you will find a link to the meeting in Microsoft Teams. There is no need to install this programma, you only need to click on the link.  
MS teams open


  1. Click on the link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”
  2. Your internet browser will open and suggest a few choices. If you already have the Teams app on your PC, then this application will open automatically. If you don't have this app on your PC, then you can open the meeting in your web browser.  
MS Teams choice
  1. A screen will open where you will see yourself (put your camera on) and where you can still adapt some settings: camera, background, mute micro if necessary.
  1. Click on the button ‘Participate now’.
  1. The meeting will start when the host has opened the meeting and all the participants are joining. Some participants may attend in a physical meeting room and others may participate digitally.