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Evolution of vitrified clay products in our range

Published on 21/09/2020
gresbuizen rits

Certification of vitrified clay products gaining momentum

On 31 March 2018, COPRO took over from INISMa oversight of the BENOR certification of products in vitrified clay. A new product in the COPRO range, new producers and the accompanying European regulations made this a nice challenge. Producers and certification body are now familiar with each other and certification is running smoothly. Time for a brief review.

The acquisition of BENOR certification by COPRO meant an additional effort for the producers. One of the first things to be realised in consultation in the Sectoral Committee was the drawing up and subsequent expansion of the application regulations and the technical requirements in the form of technical prescriptions (PTVs). As for all other products for which COPRO is the certification body, the vitrified clay producers also drew up technical datasheets for all their products that they supply on the public market under the BENOR certificate. Thanks to detailed technical drawings that the producers included in their technical datasheets, customers/developers/engineering firms /… could now also check our Extranet to see whether a vitrified clay product has indeed been certified, what its properties are, and whether it meets the requirements of their particular specifications.

A big step forward was also the clarity created around the connectors and flexible couplings belonging to European product standard EN 295-4. The requirements on products such as couplings fitted with stainless steel straps, rubber seals used on sawn off pipes, insert sleeves and shrink sleeves were also included in PTV 895-4. Producers who have these products in their range and who have complied with application regulation TRA 95 and the prescriptions of the Technical Prescription (PTV), now also have validated technical datasheets for those products. This also provided much more clarity for the end user and at the construction site.

After 2.5 years, COPRO is pleased to conclude that, together with the producers, the end user can be guaranteed that the vitrified clay products used for the discharge of our sewage water meet the strictest requirements in terms of watertightness, strength , dimensions, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. We therefore look forward to continuing this certification in the future and, in consultation with all parties involved, to fine-tuning the certification where necessary, so that, under COPRO, the BENOR certification will continue to guarantee quality!


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