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High-quality mixed aggregate (type B+)

Published on 24/08/2021

AC MATERIALS in Bruges is the first to be certified for high-quality mixed aggregates (type B+) 

In the sector of recycled aggregates, the continuous pursuit of innovation for sustainable business practice is leading to a search for new developments for the reuse of recycled construction and demolition waste.

This resulted in the very first certification of high-quality mixed aggregates by COPRO - also known as type B+ aggregates - for the permanent AC MATERIALS site in Bruges on 9 August 2021. The extension of their product range comes one year after the certification of the high-quality concrete aggregates, also known as type A+ aggregates.

The certification of this high-quality mixed aggregate (type B+) means that it can also be used in BENOR-certified concrete, in accordance with the standards currently in force. The Belgian concrete standard NBN B15-001 allows the use of high-quality mixed aggregates (type B+) with a replacement percentage of up to 20% in unreinforced concrete of environment classes E0, EI and EE1 and in reinforced concrete of environment class EI. The high-quality mixed aggregate (type B+) can thus be used, depending on the prescribed environmental class, in concrete for foundations, sub-bases, bedding or walls.

This is a major step towards the reuse of mixed waste delivered after thorough treatment in the highest quality and most sustainable application.

Hoogwaardig menggranulaat type B+

The high-quality mixed aggregate (type B+) is described in the concrete standards as NBN EN 206 and NBN B15-001 and meets the standard for use of aggregates in concrete NBN EN 12620. The difference with standard recycled mixed aggregates lies in the much stricter requirements regarding composition and particle size distribution. Moreover, additional requirements are set for the following characteristics: water absorption, shape, abrasion resistance and presence of sulphate and chloride ions.

The great challenge for such a product is to control the continuity and purity of the finished aggregates. Pure mixed aggregates by default contain too many fine constituents as well as floating and non-floating interfering substances.

A strict acceptance policy and the investment in an efficient washing installation allow AC MATERIALS to continue to improve the COPRO approved mixed aggregates to high quality mixed aggregates (type B+).

We congratulate AC MATERIALS with the extension of their certified product range with high quality mixed aggregates type B+.

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