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Reduced environmental tax

Published on 15/02/2022
residu gerecycleerde granulaten

Reduced environmental tax on the cleaning of recycled aggregates

The OVAM has established new rules for the calendar year 2022 to obtain a reduction of the environmental tax on the discharge of crushing residues released during the cleaning of recycled aggregates.

This reduced rate for the discharge of crushing residue is aimed to obtain purer recycled aggregates. The requirement for the floating particle content of the aggregates is currently 5.0 cm³/kg. The cleaning of the aggregates should lead to a significant reduction of the floating particle content below the limit value of 5.0 cm³/kg.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this legislation only applies to producers who wish to make use of it, and that the reduction of the environmental tax is limited to a maximum quantity of dumped residues of 0.5% of the quantity of certified recycled aggregates supplied per year.

In practice, an application must be submitted to the OVAM. With this application, the producer must enclose an agreement with the relevant certification body, confirming that an application has been submitted to the certification body to work according to this regulation. The agreement must be signed by both parties. Only in this way can the OVAM decide when crushing residues can be disposed of at reduced environmental taxes.

The application can be made by:

  • a fixed location;
  • a mobile installation for on-site production.

The application does not apply to sorting activities of sorting centres. If a certification according to TRA M 10 is also carried out on the same location, this is possible for this part.

The present regulation must be followed by the certification body carrying out the certification according to the Uniform Regulation on Recycled Aggregates. To this end, the certification body must carry out 2 additional audits in which the conditions specified by OVAM regarding acceptance policy, installation, waste disposal and quantities are followed.

The reports of the certification body are always submitted to the OVAM. If the information provided by the certification body shows that the producer is not complying with the conditions of this Regulation, OVAM reserves the right to take further action.


  • working method en regulations (in Dutch) for the application of the reduced environmental tax on the discharge of crushing residues released during the cleaning of aggregates (text made available to us by OVAM)
  • the agreement that you must, if applicable, send to COPRO, completed and signed, including the tariff list.
    • You must return the completed and signed agreement to COPRO by e-mail to
    • You must then email the signed agreement by COPRO to
    • This must be done in the first quarter of 2022.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more details, please contact Michaël Van Schelvergem (+32 4 96 26 05 97) and Johny De Nutte (+32 4 76 47 31 23).