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Road concrete

Road concrete mixtures consist of crushed stone or gravel, sand, cement, water and additives, which are converted to a durable material by the binding and hardening of the cement. Concrete mixtures intended for road construction applications are distinguished from concrete for structures by their processing (installation) and by the load (including frost/thaw, dynamic load) to which they are subjected.

Synthetic grass/gravel tiles

Synthetic grass/gravel tiles are grates made from recycled polyethylene (PE) produced during an injection moulding process.
They contain openings that are filled with earth and sown with grass or filled with gravel. They are connected to each other while laying and sometimes contain protrusions for anchoring in the soil. Often the term 'grass pavers' is used’.


This is an energy-absorbing road restraint system, installed on a safety barrier, with the aim of reducing the severity of a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Vitrified clay pipe systems

Vitrified clay products are manufactured from baked clay and can be equipped with sealing materials
such as rubber or polyurethane, which ensure a watertight connection between the different parts.